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Civic Local Foundation awards grants to impactful North Carolina nonprofits

February 15, 2024

Civic Local Foundation is pleased to award community grants to three nonprofit recipients: Caterpillar Ministries, Albemarle Area United Way, and I Am Light Ministries. We are proud to support these organizations focused on mental health care and housing and help them to continue making an impact in North Carolina communities.

Caterpillar Ministries 

Caterpillar Ministries is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the lives of families in Huntington Green, a mobile home community of 2,200 residents in Mecklenburg County. The organization works to dismantle systemic inequities, connecting Huntington Green families with low and no-cost medical care and bilingual psychological counseling, in addition to offering case management, legal aid, emergency financial assistance, workforce development, and academic programming for all ages.

The Foundation grant will be used to fund and expand Caterpillar Ministries’ mental health program for Huntington Green residents.

Albemarle Area United Way

Albemarle Area United Way’s mission is to improve residents' lives in the rural counties of northeastern North Carolina, ensuring their community members’ basic needs are met. The organization serves Pasquotank, Perquimans, Camden and Gates counties, helping residents to pay rent and utility bills, providing grocery gift cards and gas vouchers, and sometimes assisting with a vehicle repair so residents are able to make it to work.

Funding from the Foundation will allow Albemarle Area United Way to provide financial aid to over 55 households.

I Am Light Ministries

I Am Light Ministries aims to destigmatize mental health care and make it more accessible and affordable, through mental health education and the establishment of a support network and safe havens for its community members. The organization intends to provide training for barbers and salon professionals, enabling them to identify signs of distress, participate in intentional conversations about mental health, and help connect their community members to accessible resources.

 The Foundation grant will fund mental health first aid training for community members and operational costs of the program.

Interested in applying for a grant? The next grant period will begin March 1, 2024.