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Local Foundation announces grant recipients for Q4

Each nonprofit will receive $25,000

December 19, 2022

At Children's Flight of Hope we believe that distance and the cost of travel should never prevent a child from getting the care they need. That is why we provide air transportation to specialized medical care for children as many times as they need, no matter the distance.

So a special thank you to the Local Foundation of North Carolina for their support of Children's Flight of Hope. We are so grateful to partner with them to be a part of their community as they serve and grow all of the community here in North Carolina. We have lots of children and lots of families here from our home state.

We are proud North Carolinians and we are proud to have the support of an organization such as the Local Foundation of North Carolina.

We only have 2000 days to change a child's life and to help a child build confidence and to understand what community is and how to make good decisions for themselves.

Thank you so much for the Local Foundation for this amazing gift is really an answer to a prayer because now we're going to be able to help these families in their homes to create these classrooms that we're very proud to have that is bilingual and is beautiful. I believe that every student in Cabarrus County needs a little classroom like this and now you are making a lot of little kids very, very happy.

What inspires me about doing this type of work is the simple fact I cannot stand to see a child in need. My heart's desire is for them to have everything that they need. There should never be a day that they have to go hungry or ever a day where there's not an adult that will sit and listen to what it is that they are experiencing.

I want to say thank you to Local Foundation for being a recipient, a recipient of the $25,000 grant. That grant is going to be used, every dime of that grant is going to be used for the uplifting of Unshaken Generation by touching each child.

Three North Carolina-based nonprofit organizations have been announced as community grant recipients of Local Foundation of North Carolina during the final quarter of 2022.

The three recipients are Families First in Cabarrus County, Children’s Flight of Hope and Unshaken Generation Outreach.

Families First in Cabarrus County

Over the past few years, Cabarrus County families have struggled to find affordable child care options, resulting in many parents leaving their jobs to remain home with their children. In fact, there are currently no open child care spots for children birth to 3 years old. In addition, the prevalence of homes with non-English speaking parents means some families have even fewer child care options.

To help address this social dilemma, Families First in Cabarrus County provides affordable child care for families in addition to weekly English as a Second Language classes, and GED tutoring and remote learner classes to parents of children enrolled in their program. Families First operates two bilingual preschools and the only immersion pre-K classroom in Cabarrus County. Immersion classrooms are modeled such that every activity performed by students is carried out in a foreign language.

In support of the work it does, Families First has received a grant of $25,000. The organization will use the funds to increase the number of home-based child care facilities in its service area and implement continuous education and training initiatives for the child care providers.

Children’s Flight of Hope

Children’s Flight of Hope (CFOH) provides flights nationwide for children facing rare and complex diseases that cannot be treated close to their home. CFOH is committed to ensuring children have access to top specialists and healthy futures by eliminating the travel cost burden on families. CFOH’s support means children often receive treatment that might be otherwise out of reach, which in turn encourages faster and safer recoveries.

Children’s Flight of Hope has received a grant of $25,000. The grant will help fund a minimum of 220 flights for North Carolina-based families in 2023.

Unshaken Generation Outreach

In a Charlotte community where some kids are provided two or fewer meals a day, Unshaken Generation Outreach (UGO) provides well-balanced meals at no cost to at-risk children and teens. UGO has been self-funded for several months, with the founder and Board members buying, assembling and delivering meals to one local high school. More than 500 meals are delivered each week to help feed students.

UGO’s goal is to drive out food scarcity in local communities by providing meals and education-based enrichment activities to teach children how to grow their own nutritious foods.

Unshaken Generation Outreach has received a grant of $25,000. The grant will go toward the purchase of food, a commercial kitchen rental fee, and a delivery vehicle.

The next grant period for Local Foundation of North Carolina is open through January 15, 2023.

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