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Local Foundation names grant recipients for Q3

August 26, 2022

Ditra Miller

Economic development is more than just folks on a higher level writing a check to build a new building or to bring a new business into town. It's about the people that actually live in the community, being able to invest in themselves, to make the community stronger, to invest in entrepreneurs, to create leaders and just develop a sense of belonging for everyone that's in the community.

Cindy Thompson

Boundless Impact brings together organizations across sectors: education, business, philanthropy, government, and most importantly, the faith sector, to focus on initiatives around leadership and innovation that build bridges and promote thriving and inclusive communities. And it breaks my heart when somebody has hopes and dreams, but they don't feel like it's accessible to them. And so those are the reasons why we started Imagine Hub.

So Imagine Hub was designed to open up spaces at faith communities for entrepreneurial activity. And that could look like internet cafes. It could look like a co-working space, a neighborhood market. Boundless Impact and our Imagine Hub partners are extremely grateful to the Local Foundation of North Carolina. Not only are we going to be able to expand the number of Imagine Hub sites with the grant funding that you all are providing us, but we believe there are great opportunities to support the work that the sites are doing and also to support the entrepreneurs that are there at our local communities.

Dr. Lisa Tolnitch

Pretty in Pink started when I had, years ago, two patients that had abnormal biopsies that didn't go any further because of money. We were trying to figure out how we could help people that didn't have anything and also at that time, if you got the diagnosis of cancer, you often lost your insurance. It was really it was really important to me to try to make sure everyone had, uh, that money was not a barrier to getting care.

The diagnosis of cancer has taken their financial situation, which was maybe already precarious and pushed it over the edge because the cost of cancer treatment is so overwhelming.

Becky Horn

Pretty in Pink is different than other organizations out there. For the biggest reason is we're the only charity in North Carolina with the primary mission of funding medical treatment for low income breast cancer patients. Well, just last year in North Carolina, we served 349 women. But we supported 312 women with medical bill payment directly to medical service providers last year, which added to our total, which is now well over 2000 women in North Carolina all across our state that have received our help.

We are so grateful to Local Foundation of North Carolina for this gift. This gift is going to help us save at least ten women in rural North Carolina that previously did not have a chance. By the time these women come to us, they've exhausted all their resources from the charity arm of their hospital to churches and family, friends, their savings.

They have nowhere else to go. So this gift from Local Foundation of North Carolina, it is no exaggeration to say it is truly life giving.


We’re pleased to announce that two nonprofit organizations — Boundless Impact and Pretty In Pink — have each received $25,000 as grant recipients of the Local Foundation of NC. Each organization serves community members across the state.

Boundless Impact

Many communities lack resources, programs, space, connections and ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive. The problem is more pronounced in reaching under-connected populations: people of color, immigrants, women and lower socioeconomic neighborhoods.

Boundless Impact helps communities identify these needs and brings people together, deploying under-utilized churches as community gathering spaces.

With the belief that inclusive economic opportunity through entrepreneurship is one of the strongest weapons in eradicating poverty, Boundless Impact seeks to improve social determinants of individual well-being.

The organization will use the awarded funds to build out additional satellite sites, enabling greater outreach to encourage entrepreneurship across North Carolina.

Pretty In Pink Foundation

The Pretty In Pink Foundation serves North Carolinians diagnosed with breast cancer who have limited means to pay their medical bills because they are uninsured or under-insured. The Pretty In Pink Foundation works with an extensive network of established county partners across the state to identify candidates in need of support.

Through its support, their breast cancer champions are able to receive treatment and are more likely to have positive outcomes.

Pretty In Pink will apply the awarded grant to fund the treatment of 10 additional patients who otherwise might not have qualified for treatment.

Interested in applying for a grant? The next grant period will begin September 1.

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