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Local Foundation of NC becomes Civic Local Foundation

February 15, 2023

The Local Foundation of NC, which is supported by funding from Civic Federal Credit Union and Local Government Federal Credit Union, has now become the Civic Local Foundation. This name change reflects the Credit Unions' philanthropic investment to make a meaningful impact in every community across the state.

Ruth Barnes, Civic Local Foundation Board Chair, explained, “The Foundation’s new name demonstrates the collaborative nature of our philanthropic work across the state. As part of our mission to improve lives and help strengthen communities, the Credit Unions and the Foundation partner with existing organizations to increase their impact on the people they serve.”

The name has changed, but the commitment remains to invest in local communities through grants, scholarships and work with existing nonprofits to generate significant impact across the state. Civic Local Foundation’s mission is to change North Carolina, one heart at a time.

According to Dwayne Naylor, Civic Federal Credit Union CEO, “We live by the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and prosperity for all. The Civic Local Foundation is a key part of this values-based banking model, and we’re proud to take part in meeting the needs of our North Carolina neighbors, to ensure thriving communities.”  

The Foundation will continue with impactful funding opportunities, including its community grant program to support North Carolina local community charities and nonprofits focused on bridging gaps in health care, housing, human services and hunger. The Foundation will also offer secondary school and professional development scholarships.

Jazmine Kilpatrick, Executive Director of Civic Local Foundation, added, “Civic Local Foundation will continue to serve as a community resource to North Carolina local charities and nonprofits. Our Foundation exists to help make communities stronger by bridging the gaps in all aspects of human services. Our name may have changed, but the mission stays the same. We are excited about the journey ahead as we expand our outreach to positively impact every community in North Carolina.”

Civic Local Foundation was founded to help address health care, housing, human services, and hunger needs. Its mission is to change North Carolina one heart at a time.

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